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new, not solved: Image Gallery - captions do not update


I would like to customize Woocommerce terms, for instance: 

- "Produkte suchen" > "suchen"

- "Alle Produkte" > "Übersicht"

- "13 vorrätig" > "übrig"

- "In den Warenkorb" > "In den Korb"

- "Warenkorb anzeigen" > "Korb anzeigen" 

- "Weiter zur Kasse" > "Weiter zur Bestellung"

- "Kostenpflichtig bestellen" > "Jetzt bestellen"

  • As you have gone far to custumize Woo templates with thrive, I wonder if this could be the next step. 
  • I have seen some plugins to do some of these things, but not all. 
  • Perhaps using locotranslate is a solution, or editing .po - but sometimes these language files do not take any effect on display... (however)

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